General Information

Each year, the red Les Gravières, fruity and easy to drink, born on the gravelly terraces of the Vienne reveals itself just after Easter for the greatest pleasure of amateurs of young wines.
Domaine René Couly, comes to maturity on the clayey and siliceous table-land of Chinon, combining roundness and extreme elegance, excellent when young, this red shows remarkable aptitude for ageing.
La Baronnie Madeleine, comes from the best estate selected in the great years.
The renowned Clos de l'Echo and Clos de l'Olive, produce fleshy red wines requiring a long ageing under wood to bring forth their prestigious personalities.
Les Chanteaux, a rare and splendid white wine, is our latest born; sumptuously dressed it completes the Couly-Dutheil range

Viticultural and wine-growing activity
We bottle and market the whole of our production.
We also select the best vintages in Chinon, Bourgueil, Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil and Saumur-Champigny.

Grape varieties
Cabernet-franc for the reds
Chenin for the white.

90 hectares in production over Chinon: gravelly terraces, clayey and chalky hills, clayey and siliceous table-land.
7 hectares in production over Saumur-Champigny: clayey and chalky hills.

Yearly Production
100.000 cases (1.200.000 bottles)

45 to 50 hl/ha for the reds - 40 hl/ha for the white

Range of wines

  • A.O.C. Chinon Blanc :
    les Chanteaux

  • A.O.C. Chinon Rouge :
    les Gravières,
    la Diligence
    le Domaine René Couly
    la Baronnie Madeleine
    Le Clos de l'Echo
    Le Clos de l'Olive

  • A.O.C. Chinon Rosé :
    René Couly

  • A.O.C. Bourgueil :
    Domaine de l'Ereau

  • A.O.C. ST Nicolas de Bourgueil
    Domaine du Frêne

  • A.O.C. Saumur Blanc
    Moulins de Turquant

  • A.O.C. Saumur Champigny
    Moulins de Turquant

85% in France thru restaurants, wine-shops and wholesalers
15 % overseas

Great-Britain, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada, USA, Sueden....

Couly-Dutheil family

Chief executives: Jacques and Arnaud Couly-Dutheil